Thursday, February 4, 2016

Visit downtown Lake Worth and take a nice walk to the City's new Visitors' Information Center

Our Visitor Center is going viral! Below is a screen grab from Twitter yesterday and take a look at the image of Lake Worth's Visitor Center below in this blog post:
Below is more information on our new Visitor Center.
The total Twitter followers of CulinaryTour, currentlyexploring, and VISIT FLORIDA is about 120,000 people. Two things: Thank You! for "Liking" the little City of Lake Worth and to everyone else, tell everyone you know to visit our City's downtown and take a stroll to our Visitor Center. And remember, the Street Painting Festival is only a few weeks away:
"In the heart of Historic Downtown Lake Worth, the Visitor Information Center is the place to pick up a map or brochure, and speak with a volunteer who can assist you in making your visit easy, enjoyable and unforgettable."
Here is more information:
  • Call at 561-540-5304
  • Located at 414 Lake Avenue, the City Hall Annex
  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 10 am–4 pm
  • Email: (copy and paste)
  • They are also on Facebook
  • Finding a hotel room is easy. If a hotel room isn't available in Lake Worth, just a few minutes north is West Palm Beach and their Visitor Center will assist you. 
Make Lake Worth, "where the tropics begin" part of your visit to central Palm Beach County!