Thursday, February 4, 2016

Save the Date: February 17th at 6:00—The Gulf Stream hotel project continues to move forward

I'm told, with just minutes left prior to the deadline, another lawsuit was filed to delay a crucial Lake Worth project from moving forward. However, the work to bring our historic Gulf Stream hotel back into operation continues. Below is part of a legal notice in The Lake Worth Herald in the latest editon (2/4/16):
It's important to remember this lawsuit was completely expected by many, including myself. What's surprising to me is what took so long.

Part of the reason for the lawsuit is to stall progress restoring the hotel. But the other reason is to demoralize you and make you upset. So what should you do? Do the opposite. Be excited about the future of one of the most important structures from an era long ago. And when you're needed to show up a City meetings, SHOW UP!
Stay excited about the Gulf Stream hotel being revived and just look at this as a bump in the road. I'm excited about the future of our historic hotel and so should you. We'll need a big turnout at the Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) on 2/17. Stay tuned for other meetings and information regarding the Gulf Stream hotel.

Here is the lawsuit filed against the City: