Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why doesn't Palm Beach County have a "VISIT FLORIDA Certified Travel Information Center"?

Somebody needs to get to work in Palm Beach County. Found this tourism information from Sunshine Matters and here is an excerpt:
The Official Florida Transportation Map, produced in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation, is the No. 1 requested publication in our Welcome Centers. An addition to the Florida Map this year is a listing of our new VISIT FLORIDA Certified Travel Information Centers. The Certified Travel Information Centers received both an information icon at their location, as well as a legend on the map providing contact information. CTIC certification brings VISIT FLORIDA recognition to Visitor Services facilities around the state, providing these facilities and their staff with benefits that enable successful promotion of travel to and throughout Florida. [emphasis added]
I hear there's room available at the Lake Worth Welcome Center and they're having a celebration this Friday!