Friday, January 15, 2016

I owe an apology to my blog readers: Did you attend the Road Rascals Car Show at the Lake Worth Casino because you saw it on my blog??

To say the "Car Show" at the City's Lake Worth Casino last night (1/14) was a disappointment is an understatement. I didn't even get inside with my newly road-ready '63 Buick Riviera. Understand this, car shows are nothing new to me. I've been around classic cars my entire life and can still remember my parents telling about how they strapped me into a "Chinese red" Packard V12 convertible in a caravan through Canada to Montreal in 1962. I drove a '69 Corvair all through high school and it is still in my father's collection. You can see his 1985 Cadillac Biaritz convertible behind it. Throughout my life I have been to many, many car shows.
Only 6,000 Corvair's were made in 1969 and this one is #3375. Despite its reputation it's still my favorite car ever.
So I pulled into the Casino parking lot and I don't see any evidence of a car show going on. The weather wasn't good, it was windy and drizzling so thought nobody turned out. Drove up to Benny's and didn't see a show going on there either. As I approached the Casino building, I saw that the road blocked off with traffic cones and the car show was happening there, in front of Mulligan's! Why did they have to shut the road down for a car show?

There were two people at the "check point" and I was asked if I wanted to get into the show. I was told that it cost $25 to get in. That was a "discount" from the $35 that was the original price to get in. Anyway, $25 is still outrageous for someone who wants to display a car in a non-judged show. Below is the image I used on my blog to promote the car show. Do you see any mention about a cost of admission? How many "Family Friendly" events do you know of on a weekday night that cost $25 just to get in? Checked the City's website last night and there was no mention of any cost except that the "Parking is Metered". There is an email for more information and a lesson learned: I should have gotten more information.
No mention of a cost of admission.
It wasn't a "car show" at the Casino; it was actually a "car club". It would have been fun to see all the cars but given the weather and my sudden change in mood turned the car around and left. What bothered me was thinking any of my blog readers attended the 'show' and had to pay out the $25 they weren't expecting to. . .like me. Actually at least one of my blog readers did show up and he was none too happy either as you'll read in the comments below.

To all the people who showed up because you read about the "Car Show" on this blog, I apologize. And the City should also apologize for not disclosing the cost of admission. Plus the folks from the "Road Rascals" should at least make note that there is/was a cost to attend. The people at the gate also said that the money was being used to "pay the city" for the space. My suggestion is get a row of parking spaces blocked off at the top parking lot and save the money plus keep the road open. This event is supposed to take place on the second Thursday of every month until June. Hopefully the next event will be organized differently.

As far as the $25? Lesson learned.