Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I called out the "saber rattlers" and they've gone completely silent

On January 9th I penned this post in response to The Obtuse Bloggers (TOB's) threat to tie up Lake Worth in lawsuits once again. Here is an excerpt:

     They are willing to risk the continued deterioration of the Gulf Stream hotel, place our local economy in a continued handicapped state due to the lack of appropriate lodging for guests, to preserve the principles of 'democracy'. They are willing to use the resources of a Golden goose and others to monkeywrench the City's future. To tie this issue up in the courts and waste our tax dollars to defend it is a foolish and cowardly act.
     We need a first class hotel in Lake Worth. The Gulf Stream hotel sits shuttered for ten or more years on our most prominent property in the City, on our waterfront, our main street and at the foot of one of the City's finest parks and its golf course. There are tall buildings all around this area of the City and a building of similar height would be in harmony with the surrounding built environment.
     That means nothing to the people who would file a lawsuit to halt progress on saving our National Register historic hotel and having a decent place to house visiting family, friends and tourists. They would rather bleed the City's legal defense fund for the sake of their own vanity and chutzpah in preventing progress. They will also delight in making this a divisive election issue.

This would be a good question at the next candidate forum, wouldn't it?
No comments? Why not? Maybe a long hard look at the odds got you thinking twice?