Monday, December 26, 2016

A reminder for all Realtors, potential homebuyers, and investors: Please ignore the occasional hysterics from the City dais

The vast majority of real estate professionals will laugh off Commissioner Chris McVoy’s nonsense about Realtors getting sued over sea level rise (more on that below) but there will always be a few that will buy in and fall for it. 

At a City Commission meeting last January commissioners McVoy and Ryan Maier gave their presentation on sea level rise (SLR) following their attendance at a conference in Key West. Maier totally flubbed his part and forgot his lines. Then McVoy chimed in with his pitch about Realtors putting themselves at risk for not disclosing that a home being sold or bought may be covered by water. The more likely outcome (if you think it through) is that both the Realtor and the homeowner will have passed away by then but those points get lost in riveting narrative.

A flurry of emails then bounced around on esoteric discussions about SLR and coastal real estate and here is one. The interesting thing about these articles is the information that should be at the beginning is added at the end where most readers will never take the time to read. Here is an excerpt:

     Instead of thinking about extreme events like hurricanes, some researchers are instead focused on the already occurring increases in roadway floods during heavy rains, extreme high tides, and other similar short-term events.

[near the end of the article. . .]

“There are a lot of places where you could buy a house now that maybe has never flooded, but by the end of the mortgage cycle, it could be flooding every other year,” he said. [emphasis added]

If you’re a Realtor don’t be in a hurry to find a lecture on SLR any time soon to protect yourself from a lawsuit. If anything, if you do feel the need to give a lecture, come up with one on how important it is keep elected officials focused on the present problems that have to be dealt with: potholes, street lighting, sidewalks, and fire hydrants come to mind.

And curiously, on the issue of real estate and preparing for the future. . .

That’s right. Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, supported constructing our new Casino east of the Coastal Construction Line. And it was Greenwashed too. Remember the water cistern to collect rainwater? Eliminated.