Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Worried about gentrification in Lake Worth? Chill! Our City didn't make the list

The good folks at Thrillist have a list of 12 areas that are high on the scale for future gentrification and the closest one to Lake Worth is Hialeah, FL. So take a deep breath all you delusional Anarchists in the little City of Lake Worth! From the article:
     But what are the next cool, mildly affordable neighborhoods just waiting to be overtaken by young creatives? Sure, there are plenty of sexy ‘hoods, bro-ish ‘hoods, and even hipster ‘hoods, but let's be honest, they’re all pretty much played at this point. And more importantly, they're all too expensive for anyone without a trust fund or investment-banking job.
     Which is why we decided to tap trendsetters, developers, and real-estate professionals -- folks with their fingers on the pulse of America's cities and towns -- for their predictions of the country's next hotspots; neighborhoods that are affordable now, but poised to blow up. 
Here is what the folks at Thrillist write about The Leah Arts District in Hialeah, FL:
     As once-artsy Wynwood becomes the domain of developers and the artists get priced out, Miami’s creative community needs somewhere to go. And as it turns out, warehouse-ridden and comically Cuban Hialeah is now that place. Yes, the city that’s been the butt of Miamians' jokes for decades is poised to be a landmark arts destination.
The other cities on the list are:
  1. North Central neighborhood in Charleston, SC
  2. South Bronx, New York
  3. East Bank in Sioux Falls, SD
  4. Pilsen in Chicago, IL
  5. Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA
  6. Trinity Groves in Dallas, TX
  7. Downtown Tacoma, Tacoma, WA
  8. Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA
  9. Southwest Waterfront in Washington, DC
  10. Cesar Chavez St in Austin, TX
  11. Lents neighborhood in Portland, OR