Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Lake Worth Herald editorial: About that Anarchist running against Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell

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Apparently, to make himself more palatable to voters, the Anarchist candidate will donate his City paycheck to charity (likely one he works for) and will refuse any expense accounts like travel and any allowances from the public trough. Anarchists are anti-government, you see. But those standards are flexible: for example, the Anarchist candidate used a public defender at his recent trial:
Note that the Anarchist looks much different now (see below): he cut his hair, shaved, showered, and has Hipster new clothes and sports a wide beaming smile.
Here is the cleaned up Anarchist who will smile at you on the campaign trail. 
Here are two excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald editorial dated 12/24:
     Only months ago, this candidate stood before the City Commission stating that he knows he has an odor, one from not showering regularly, doesn’t shave or cut his hair, wears dirty clothes.
     Why he was there was to complain to the commission about a water fountain that had been removed from Bryant Park and he was there fighting for the homeless. He said he regularly feeds homeless in Bryant Park and he was going to push back against the City’s war on homeless.
     At the next meeting, he appeared. Also appearing at the meeting was an ACLU lawyer. The future candidate told the commission that this was the beginning of the push-back.
     This same individual parked a van at a construction entrance in an effort to stop development in another city. To disable the van and save the trees, he took the battery out of the van and placed it in the lake. Save the trees but pollute the water? Just a reason to protest.
     Now as a candidate he has cut his hair and shaved his beard in an effort to be more attractive to voters. This tactic worked for a young lady a few years ago, and if voters in Lake Worth don’t pay attention to the campaign rhetoric and confirm what they hear, Lake Worth will have another commissioner who is wearing a mask.
     Dear voter, if you vote for a nice smile, keep a smile on your face as your city deteriorates beyond repair. Lake Worth is still trying to find a way to make major repairs that would not have been necessary if previous commissions would have paid attention to infrastructure instead of shiny objects.
[and. . .]
     Look through each and every candidate, they all have their campaign rhetoric. Check what they tell you. If you can’t corroborate what they say, it probably isn’t true.
     Talk with your neighbors, get other opinions and vote wisely.
Remember when the City of Lake Worth had one lawsuit after another threatening to bankrupt the City? This Anarchist candidate is threatening the City with another one:

The City of Lake Worth is doing everything it can to help the homeless and we all know full well the budgetary constraints the City has to deal with. Knowing that, is this the type of person you want making decisions for you from the dais on the City Commission?


Mark A. Parrilla said...

And the soap opera circus continues! I wonder what falsehoods will be spread throughout the city about Commissioner Scott Maxwell, we will soon see, as soon as Margarita Mad Dog Mange's rag rolls off the shit presses soon. If the registered Lake Worth Voters do not do their research and inform themselves there just might be a repeat of eight years when the anarchists ran the city into the gutter. All the progress that has happened since Mayor Pam Triolo became Mayor would surely be flushed down the toilet! WAKE UP PEOPLE do not hand the City back over to the cretins dregs of society!

Mark A. Parrilla

lwbulldog said...

Reaction seems to be anger that Cara Jennings and Joann Golden pulled this stunt. May have seemed like a good idea back when but not looking so smart now. This might be the tipping point and make ElDub a normal city again. Bounce these ecoradicals out of PB County for good.

The New Tribune said...

Since the Lake Worth Tribune isn't operating, why not just take over the name, start up the paper and take a page from their playbook and beat them at their own game?

Anonymous said...

As per his FB page he has 750 roommates and his rent is cheap.

He lives in an illegal situation. He often refers to all non-anarchists as stupid sheep. He despises all police and government oversight.

Unknown said...

We need to get our message of progress making the city better..that there is no old florida charm with pot holes unpaved streets and anarchy...i think we should just ignore what they have to say..we have the right message and they do not..we need to hit the street

Anonymous said...

YES we need to hit the streets, and push out the anarchist and Freddy the free loaders - let's encourage all the big dog owners to take over the Cultural plaza north side and mike them feel uncomfortable so they leave.

And when they ask, "can I pet your dog?" You just say no….

And when they to ask "does your dog bite?" you say only on command!

Anonymous said...

Ryan Hartman is a flag burner

Anonymous said...

Ryan Hartman is not found on any online voter registration. That means he just registered.

He is so interested in politics and the running of a city that he JUST registered to vote?

Anonymous said...

Hartman is a con man