Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The enablers like Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier and a timely message for western development in PBC: 'Roll on brother. I've got your back.'

Below is a New Home Locator (NHL) from September. You'll find one of these in the real estate/new home section each Friday in The Palm Beach Post:
Note all the new communities in western Palm Beach County.
Commissioner Maier made two votes I want to focus on at last night's (12/8) City Commission meeting, although two very different topics of debate, they do send a clear message. While most people will focus on the Gulf Stream Hotel project I'm going to focus on Maier's vote concerning the proposed hotel/business complex in the City's Park of Commerce (POC). This blog post is opening that conversation (once again) and will be more in-depth soon. The videos take time to process and organize.

Maier voted 'no' on the Gulf Stream Hotel (east of I-95) and 'yes' for a hotel project west of I-95. His reasons for voting 'no' on the Gulf Stream are the same re-hashed, recycled, and debunked nonsense about the "people's vote". Lake Worth City Attorney Glen Torcivia explained that again at the meeting last night but Maier wasn't listening or didn't want to listen.

By the numbers (in the bullet list below) will show how successful the elected enablers like Maier have been at aiding what's called colloquially 'Western Sprawl'. The Lake Worth POC can't be considered western sprawl any longer but it remains the mindset of people like Maier's supporters who harp on Lake Worth's "coastal charm" and force as many people and businesses away from the City's downtown and preferably beyond the City limitsout west, past I-95 and beyond. It's the moat mentality with the guards at the gate: "We don't want you here."

In the map above you see what western sprawl really is and the NIMBY's along the coast (east of I-95) that help fuel it. Note the #8#9, and #10 on the map (area in pink in the map) are in Martin County and will not be addressed. PBC is separated on the map (see below) into North county (in green) and South county (in yellow). Here are the numbers:
  • There are a total of 37 "New Communities" on the map
  • Number west of I-95: 26
  • Number west of the Turnpike: 10
  • Number east of I-95: 11
  • Number east of I-95 and north of Northlake Blvd (#14 on map): 9
  • Number east of I-95, south of Northlake Blvd, and all the way south to Boca Raton: 2 (TWO)
This is from the NHL zooming in on PBC. Note what's happening while the coastal cities keep their "charm".
When the Gulf Stream Hotel project is complete, Commissioner Maier, your role will be known as the obstructionist, the one who fought to keep our 'iconic, historic' Gulf Stream Hotel shuttered. And that's just fine with me and a lot of other people too. But I bet you'll be grinning ear to ear at the grand opening of the hotel in the POC, west of I-95, as if it weren't for you it never would have happened. A crucial cog in the machine.

The Gulf Stream Hotel, one of most spectacular structures from our City's history, marches on towards either the wrecking ball or a renovation. On the debate over 20' feet in building heightTWENTY FEET—you've chosen the wrecking ball. Without that 20' the Gulf Stream is doomed. 

Once again, Maier, City Attorney Glen Torcivia explains why the "people's vote" was declared "null and void". Try taking some notes this time: