Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lake Worth Commissioner McVoy's message to 'his people' on crucial vote tonight—Clearly showing prejudice prior to vote

There is no "uncertainty" about the 2013 referendum on heights: that vote was declared "null and void" by the state legislature
McVoy is misleading the public and showing clear prejudice prior to the vote tonight. On tonight's agenda is quite a lot of information on this topic, pages 782–828. The last action taken was by the Historic Resource Preservation Board and the vote was unanimous to approve the re-zoning.


Greg Rice said...

The email Commissioner McVoy sent out I'm guessing to his contributors or supporters and has now been posted on a FB Public Group and as such can be read by his fellow commissioners and as such can be seen as expressing his opinion on how he's going to vote is I feel a violation of the Sunshine law and he should now recuse himself from voting on the matter. The city attorney should be made aware of this before discussion on the agenda item. Also the commissioner seems to be offering a legal opinion on the status of the height limits and our charter. That should also be addressed again publicly by our city attorney.

Anonymous said...

I often think the things McVoy does are moronic and wonder how someone so intelligent can do such stupid things. Then I realize, he does nothing without purpose and his string pullers tell him exactly what to do. What may seem to the rest of us normies as dumb, is usually calculated. He very well may be trying to just bog the city down with another lawsuit.