Thursday, December 3, 2015

The City of Lake Worth introduces the "Lake Worth Power Tracker" for public to monitor electric outages

The City has an online "newsletter" available to the public and you can sign up to receive these using this link. The latest information from the City is a new way to track electric outages instead of the old way trying to reach someone at the utility by phone. Here is an excerpt from the latest City news:
The City is pleased to announce the launch of a new web-based application that will allow customers to track any lateral or higher power outages that may take place in the Lake Worth electric service area.* The beauty of the application—the Lake Worth Power Outage Tracker—is that consumers may access information via their phone, laptop or tablet. Bringing this new application to Lake Worth was tasked to Walt Gill, Assistant Director of Electric Utilities.
How does the program work?
  • Log into the City’s website
  • Click the link “Lake Worth Power Tracker” in the left side column
  • Click on the appropriate “Power Outage Area”†it will be highlighted
Excellent work Lake Worth electric utility!
*Power outages that involve 8–10 customers (or fewer) will be provided personal assistance.
†During an electric outage you'll still be able to cook if your home utilizes clean, affordable, and stable natural gas.