Sunday, November 8, 2015

"No fracking way" writes the Palm Beach Post editorial board in a pitch about hydraulic fracturing in Florida

First off, many cities in south Florida are very fortunate to have natural gas service for a number of reasons, including the little City of Lake Worth. Almost all of this gas is transported to south Florida by pipelines, both large and small, that you drive over or walk by and never take notice of.

Nevertheless, the Post editors go into full-scale alarmist mode and they make a pitch in yesterday's (Saturday, 11/7) paper that ends this way about the process of natural gas extraction called hydraulic fracturing or fracking for short:
Instead of stomping down [emphasis added] on towns and counties that want to protect their area’s stability and water supplies, our officials should be saying something entirely different about energy production: No fracking way.
There are efforts underway to regulate fracking on local/county levels but all of these regulations will be null and void if the state of Florida enacts rules for the entire state. The Florida House recently acted and soon the Florida Senate will as well. The Post editors make mention of fracking and the possibility of water contamination. You might remember this about a town in Pennsylvania that dealt with this issue for many years that tore apart the community:
It's important to do your own homework on this important matter of energy production/extraction and not be swayed by slick movies or wild claims about earthquakes and general gloom-and-doom about something as important as natural gas, essential to our daily lives. Watching Gasland for the fiftieth time won't make you any more informed than you are already.

For those of you who believe that wind and solar energy are the way to solve our energy needs the 4-minute video below will explain why that's not possible, at least not with present technology. Interestingly, this video was released on YouTube on October 19th and already has over 550,000 views: