Monday, April 3, 2017

Red & white signs. News you won’t believe. Did you see the article by Post reporter Lulu Ramadan today?

Unbelievable. This article by reporter Lulu Ramadan made the print edition today, page B1, above the fold. Without further comment, below is a blog post from November 28th, 2015:

More red & white signs:
“In Jewish law, when something occurs three times it sets a precedent,” New [Rabbi Ruvi New] said. “We were confident that the precedent would stand.” Use this link to understand the quote in context.

Below is a news segment from Brian Entin at NBC5/WPTV [now with News7/WSVN in Miami] from November 25th [2015].

A few in the community there aren’t happy about their soon-to-be neighbor, the Chabad of East Boca and My Israel Center, which has been a vacant lot for quite some time. The Chabad has a Facebook page if you want to send them a supportive message and welcome them to south Florida.

Here are two excerpts from the news segment at WPTV:

A Boca Raton Planning and Zoning committee member says he was attacked through social media and email for supporting plans for a Jewish synagogue and museum in Boca Raton.
     “It was disconcerting. It was something I had not experienced before,” board member Glenn Gromann said.

and. . .

     Neighbors who did not want to appear on camera told WPTV crews they are not against Jewish people, but instead, worried about too much development in the coastal area.
     They’ve placed [red and white] “save our beaches” signs in their yards.
     “Save Boca beaches from what? From the synagogue? From Jewish people? That sends the wrong message,” Gromann said.
     Chabad of East Boca Rabbi Ruvi New believes the plans for the new center could be connected to a hate crime over the weekend.

Here is the video from WPTV from back in 2015: