Saturday, January 12, 2019

Classic Video: Landon McNamara, surfer, and all-around cool dude.

Please take some time and visit the Lake Worth Beach this weekend. And listen to the man himself, ‘Mac Daddy Landon’. The legend.

In memory of that slight irritation in the air.

That temporary nuisance that is no more.

The video below of ‘Mac Daddy Landon’ in March 2015 is one of the most-requested in this City of Lake Worth, now up to almost 106K views.

This is a special treat for everyone who survived the ‘red tide’ at the Lake Worth Beach and for the others hoping and praying the ‘red tide’ will come back some day — those who miss being featured on the TV news and on the front page of newspapers — please take solace: the ‘red tide’ will come back some day. In about a decade or two. So just hang in there.

When another rare but naturally-occurring ‘red tide’  rolls along some day off the coast of Palm Beach County remember some people will experience temporary nuisances or a respiratory irritation such as coughing, sneezing, tearing of an eye(s) and an itchy throat when Karenia brevis is present and the winds blow onshore.

But what everybody really wants to know is how do you eat a slice of pizza when wearing a face mask?

But anyhow, if you’re still completely stressed about that ‘red flag’ on the Beach being folded up and put away, please take a few minutes and relax to the cool jammin’ of Landon McNamara in his Lake Worth classic, “Jam With You”.

To all of our surfers and lifeguards here in this City of Lake Worth make certain to invite all of your cool friends to the best surfing spot in all of South Florida: the Lake Worth Beach!

And always recall about the so-called ‘red tide’.

When everyone else cut and ran from the Beach it was the heroes that ran toward the potential irritation. All the wonderful and dedicated employees and staff at:

Thank you all for your dedication to the Lake Worth Beach, your loyal customers, and taking care of all those news crews and surfers.

Now to the classic. . .

Sit back, chill, and sing along with
“Mac Daddy Landon”!