Monday, September 21, 2015

The 'Visionaries': The future of our public parks in downtown Lake Worth?

Lake Worth Commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy and former commissioners Cara Jennings and JoAnn Golden have no problem with the homeless populating our public parks. In fact, they encourage the practice. A homeless person has recently taken up residence in one of our parks just south of the City's municipal golf course between Lucerne and Lake avenues. 

Maybe the 'Visionaries' will all chip in for a "welcome" basket. 

As we all know, according to the 'Visionaries' the rights of the homeless trump the rights of the public, including families with children, to enjoy the parks in peace.
A homeless person has taken up residence in the bushes. Are the 'Visionaries' OK with this practice in our City's parks? 
This photo and the two following were taken on 9/18. You can see the person's feet protruding from the bushes.
Doing laundry. The drying process after washing in the fountain?
Very charming, isn't it?