Monday, September 21, 2015

[UPDATE] If you support affordable, clean ride-sharing services in PBC make your voice heard TOMORROW (Tuesday, 9/22)

Kinda, sorta good news today. Uber to operate until March of next year on present agreement with the county. Try an Uber ride as soon as you can, you'll see what you've been missing. [Read about the latest developments from Post's Eliot Kleinberg here.]

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Am happy to report this blog post about my ride to the airport (PBIA) using Uber was a big hit with my readers. Uber, and other popular ride-sharing services, are a result of dirty vehicles, high rates, substandard service, and oft-ignored complaints from the public about taxi service here in Palm Beach County.

If you're not worried about losing our ride-sharing services you should be. Read Eliot Kleinberg's article; this is an excerpt:
     If Palm Beach County, which is scheduled to vote for new rules Tuesday for Uber and similar outfits, was hoping for a Kumbaya moment this week from its southern neighbor, it didn’t happen.
     The Broward County Commission on Thursday night went through about six hours of often-onerous debate, but quit around midnight without a final vote on a stack of rules it hopes will bring Uber back.
All of us (residents, tourists, and snowbirds) benefit from competition here in PBC. It makes our restaurants better, our hotels, and services too. Why not apply that same standard to our automobile transport needs as well?

Here is how you contact your county commissioner. This important meeting starts at 9:30 TOMORROW (Tuesday, 9/22). It is item 4A on the agenda. Here is the location:
Government Center 
Jane M. Thompson Memorial Chambers 
301 N Olive Ave 
6th Floor 
West Palm Beach FL