Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Effort to Save the historic Boynton Beach High School: Looking for a silver lining

There isn't a whole lot of encouraging news in this article by Alexandra Seltzer at the Post. The architect tasked with finding a solution to saving the building is considering adding structures in Riviera Beach to the project (moved by barge) and the high school itself is in worse shape than originally thought.

With time running out for a solution it was just last week a team entered the historic high school to do an inspection. The supporters who want to save the structure were given 4 months to find a way to save it; if my math is correct there's a little over 11 weeks left. Here are two excerpts from the article:
     Architect Rick Gonzalez is already on a mission to find a way to save the historic Boynton Beach high school. And now he’s taking on saving Rivera [sic] Beach’s historic Spanish Courts cottages. [emphasis added]
     He thinks the two sites can work well together and is proposing the Riviera properties be put on a barge to Boynton where they can be placed next to the high school and be used as artists’ cottages.
[and. . .]
     For the first time in four years, Gonzalez’s team went into the building on Ocean Avenue last week and were disappointed to see the site has deteriorated even more from water damage.
     “Stabilizing the building will be more expensive than we thought,” he said, adding that it could take between $6 million and $8 million.
If you are interested in helping to save the historic high school here is a link with contact information.

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