Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mr. Lepa's Home Improvements and the Mean Girls Go On the Attack Again

The Other Blogger (TOB) and the Mean Girls are very unhappy with Mr. Lepa again and this is why.

Last Wednesday (8/12) Mr. Lepa appeared before the Lake Worth Historic Resource Preservation Board and you can see what he was requesting here (go to page 222 for the beginning). Here are some of the improvements he's made to his home:
He's done everything right, going through the proper procedures and the permitting process. You would think the residents of Lake Worth would be happy about this? Some people will not be happy about anything. Below is an earlier picture TOB took of Mr. Lepa's home:
Along with the 14 anonymous comments registering their displeasure with Mr. Lepa, Ms. Anderson penned 3 additional silly comments and "Weetha Peebull" chimed in with 2 more even-sillier comments. But only 1 of the comments made any sense, and it was this one:
 The comment continues:
The commenter refers to 805 N. Lakeside, a house 1 block North of Mr. Lepa. Here is a GoogleMaps street view of 805 N. Lakeside: