Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kleenex Alert from ABC News: a family's bucket list for their beloved Corgi that is dying soon

From the article in ABC News: Oscar has completed most of the list -- go on a kayak ride, eat ice cream, visit the Enger tower, cross the town's aerial lift bridge, swim in Lake Superior, go camping, play in the backyard and take a ride in the car -- but there's one thing he has left to do.
     "He's done everything but meet another Corgi," Asbury [Tom Asbury, Oscar's owner] said. "We realized he hasn't met another Corgi since the litter mates he was with at birth. But recently, we've been getting emails from people in the town with Corgis ever since a local story on him went up. It looks like he's going to have one great play-date."