Tuesday, August 18, 2015

City of West Palm Beach responds to inaccurate reports about Planning Board meeting tonight

You can read the entire press release here, at the city of West Palm Beach's website. Here are two excerpts:
     A discussion involving changes to the city’s zoning code and comprehensive plan is scheduled to take place during Tuesday’s [TONIGHT] Planning Board meeting. No formal vote will be taken.
     There are some inaccurate accounts concerning what the discussion will be, including a published report that has incorrectly characterized the discussion as being about “changing West Palm rules to allow denser development.”
[and. . .]
     The proposed changes would create more certainty and predictability. Everyone would know that no building could go beyond 70 units per acre. Everyone would know exactly what public benefits are being provided by a developer that went beyond 32 units per acre.
     Finally, the city has already been planning a public workshop and presentation to go over the proposal. As soon as the date and time is confirmed, it will be publicized.