Monday, May 11, 2015

Sorry TOB, we know you're terribly disappointed

Imagine the excitement when The Other Blogger (TOB) saw this on NBC5/WPTV:
Then the reality set in. The good news is the person injured is expected to survive. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

The address for this incident is the 4800 block of Lucern Lakes Blvd which is past Jog Rd, just a little bit beyond the municipal borders of the City of Lake Worth. Here once again, for anyone who's interested, is the Master Class on what is the "City of Lake Worth" and what is considered "suburban Lake Worth". 

AnnaMaria, for one, likes to tweak everyone now and then by calling our City "Lake Worth Beach". Maybe it's time to seriously consider a change in our City name? Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell had this idea some time back and he was ridiculed and disparaged. More and more he's looking like a visionary.