Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ranked: The Most Bike-Friendly States in the US

Interesting graphic about how our states rank in terms of bicycle friendliness. Thanks to a loyal reader for sending me the link.
"There’s no secret to what the states at the top of the list are doing: They’re providing bike lanes and wide shoulders, and allowing cyclists access to major bridges and tunnels. They’re lowering speed limits to 20 mph, and increasing penalties for drivers who injure or kill cyclists. Their leaders openly promote cycling as a healthy and safe way to get around. They produce and distribute maps of bike paths and trails. The results are equally clear: High rates of commuters who bike, with low cyclist and pedestrian fatalities."
Florida is about in the middle-of-the-pack, which is likely an improvement over where it has been. Our Department of Transportation has started to adopt new standards that are more bike friendly, like the ones discussed above. It will take time to make up for sins of the past which included road designs clearly for only automobile traffic.