Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[FINAL UPDATE] EarthFirst! and PBCEC: Failed petition drive against Kolter Group/Scripps in Palm Beach Gardens (Alton Tract)

[FINAL UPDATE: Effort stalled at 443 signatures.]

[Update 3, March 22: EarthFirst! is a tenacious bunch. Now they've set their eyes on 500 SIGNATURES. Stay tuned, the sky's the limit.]

[Update 2: EarthFirst! is 30 signatures short of 200! Remember, you can live anywhere on the planet Earth and sign this petition. Been through the list and don't see any current or former Lake Worth elected officials. Why?]

[Update 1: EarthFirst! has reached 100 signatures and NOW THEY'RE GOING FOR 200! They have signatures from Austin, TX and Portland OR. You don't have to live in Palm Beach Gardens to get involved. No signature from Lake Worth Commissioner Chris McVoy yet but it's early.]

[UPDATE: How is this even possible? EarthFirst! is STILL short of 100 signatures on their petition as of 7:30 a.m. today (5/9). My prediction was they'd reach their goal by "dinner bell" last night. Surely the lack of enthusiasm must be disturbing to some.]

[ORIGINAL POST PRIOR TO FIRST UPDATE:] Here is a petition on Change.org that's trying to stop the building of houses at the Briger Tract (now Alton Tract) in Palm Beach Gardens. The petition organizer is the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition (PBCEC) which is the legitimate news outlet for EarthFirst!, in case you didn't know.

They're seeking 100 signatures for their petition and they should have those by the dinner bell tonight; they have almost 70 now. My question is why set the bar so low? Wouldn't 1,000 or 10,000 signatures be more impressive?

They're petitioning the Mayor of Palm Beach Gardens Eric Jablin [correction: Bert Premuroso misidentified as Mayor in previous post], Councilman Bert Premuroso, Councilman Joseph Russo, and Palm Beach County Commissioner Hal Valeche. I don't think any one of them will be impressed with a 100-signature petition. All of them have a kid or know a kid that can have 100 hundred signatures banning broccoli by noon tomorrow.
"Say No to 331 unnecessary Homes", they write. Meanwhile how many homes are proposed for Minto and Avenir? How many are proposed in the Ag Reserve? West of the Turnpike?

"Wes, you're beating a dead horse!" I know. So is EarthFirst!.