Sunday, May 10, 2015

AnnaMaria: host of the Lake Worth blog "Lake Worth Every Minute" has a challenge

"Now for all those people who have red signs in their yard. How about you step up next year and bring home the bacon."
Here is one of those misleading signs AnnaMaria is referring to.
This is AnnaMaria's post and her challenge is at the end of the post. 

While one group of Lake Worth citizens (prompted by organizers on North Lakeside Drive and Lake Osborne Drive) were spending their time lying about their fellow citizens ("they're trying to steal our BEACH"), another group of Lake Worth citizens were hard at work trying to make our neighborhoods a better place to live. Here is a picture of those people from AnnaMaria's blog:
Picture of REAP recipients from AnnaMaria'a blog. (I didn't ask permission but don't think she'll mind.)
You can read about the PBC REAP Grants here

The point folks is this: while one blog in Lake Worth does its best to make our City look bad, Margaret Menge had a similar effort with her now-defunct 'newspaper', while people like Peter Timm and Katie McGiveron bitch and moan at city commission meetings how terrible our City is. . .there are people you hardly ever see or hear about working hard as hell to make our City better, one neighborhood at at time. 

Enough said; for now.