Thursday, March 12, 2015

Palm Beach County's "BizPac Review": City of Lake Worth "goes wingnut commie on local churches"

The BizPac Review website is in Palm Beach County, at least that's what it states:
Based in Palm Beach County, BizPac Review is a privately held, for-profit news and opinion website covering news that matters to conservatives throughout Florida and the United States.
Here is the headline from one of their recent stories:

"Florida city [Lake Worth] goes wing-nut commie on local churches"

Of course, this is more fallout from the ridiculous 'news story' about Pastor Mike Olive and his Common Ground (no 's') Church. 

Never imagined ever referring anyone to the Broward New Times for the correct version of events but the New Times' Ray Downs absolutely nails it. Here is an excerpt of what Ray Downs wrote yesterday, March 11:
     According to [Lake Worth City Manager Michael] Bornstein, the city's concerns are about "use and occupancy permits," [emphasis added] which makes sure buildings are in compliance with city fire and safety codes. Here's an excerpt from William Waters, director of Lake Worth's Department of Community Sustainability:
[You can read the entire letter by William Waters here.]
     Apparently, the City of Lake Worth doesn't trust the power of faith to make sure buildings don't fall down, which is pretty standard around the country, even in the Bible Belt.
Thank you, Ray Downs, for aiding in the effort to expose this non-story to the world, you're in good company. The online news/investigation site "The Raw Story" has over 2 million readers a month and they debunked the entire narrative by the Common Ground (no 's') Church.