Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is going on at Channel 12 (WPEC)?

On Sunday, January 11th, this happened at a house here in Lake Worth:

You can read the story I posted on Sunday, January 11th, promoting the Channel 12 segment that was going to air, but for some reason never did. Some speculate that Channel 12 came to do a negative story on Lake Worth (a family becoming homeless), however when the story took a positive spin, neighbors helping neighbors...that didn't fit well with the narrative Channel 12 is spinning on the City of Lake Worth. At least one can guess this is the reason.

Serge Jerome is a candidate for Lake Worth District Two, true. But there was no reason to mention that in the story. Mr. Jerome was there as a citizen, not as a candidate.

Most of the people I talk to, when the subject of Channel 12 comes up, are completely disgusted. Who can forget this one from Mr. Balderas?:
Or this one from Kathleen Walter:
The Kathleen Walter story was particularly offensive because several Lake Worth residents pleaded with her to do a good story on our City but she chose to chase the 'Satan Invocation' issue instead, on the day preceding the Lake Worth holiday parade. 

If you see a news van or a reporter from Channel 12 in Lake Worth, approach them and ask for a business card. Get the name of the reporter, ask the cameraman if the reporter avoids you. Ask them why they're in Lake Worth and take pictures. Remember, this is YOUR city, not theirs.