Monday, January 12, 2015

Serge Jerome will be on TV tonight, aiding a Lake Worth family...UPDATE

[UPDATE: The Channel 12 (WPEC) story on Serge Jerome did not air last night and the segment is not on their website. Israel Balderas was the anchor last night. Here is a picture of the Channel 12 reporter interviewing Mr. Serge Jerome:
Later will provide an update to the segment when it airs. As we all know, Channel 12 rarely does good stories on Lake Worth.]

Original story from 1/11 follows:

I received a very exciting and lengthy email this afternoon about Serge Jerome, who also happens to be a candidate for District 2 Commissioner, and was given permission to edit the email to fit the format of my blog. Here is what Serge Jerome was doing today. The TV station airing the segment isn't clear but I will have the segment on my blog tonight or tomorrow for my readers. Here, from the email:
Serge Jerome (on right) discussing the situation.
A young man in Lake Worth, a former member of the Lake Worth High School Trojan Sound Marching Band, was about to become homeless along with his younger sister and brother. Serge Jerome responded quickly and met with the young man and his siblings. The Genesis neighborhood association is setting up a Go Fund Me account for the family.

The results of the meeting with Serge Jerome was overwhelming. Serge Jerome has awarded the young man a $1,000.00 scholarship toward his college tuition at Palm Beach State College. Mr. Jerome has also committed to do everything he can to find the family a long term housing solution. Serge Jerome's church organization is assisting in these efforts.  

This is what Lake Worth is really about!