Monday, November 17, 2014

The ROLO banner - Time for a contest!

Re-Post -this parody of mine is getting a lot of attention.

 In a spirit of neighborliness, it's wonderful how we in Lake Worth are able to come together to help others in a time of need. It's just part of our DNA to go the extra mile for our Lake Worth friends. As you know, our westerly neighbors near Lake Osborne have a neighborhood association, one of the more active community neighborhood associations. Their name used to be the "Residents of Lake Osborne Heights" or ROLOH.

Recently they changed their name from ROLOH to ROLO. ROLO stands for Residences Of Lake Osborne. Here is their old banner:
I tapped the talents of a renown local graphic artist, in LW of course. Below is the design she is currently working on. They were kind enough to send a "rough draft, working version" which they were so kind to share. We'd like to open this contest up to other amateurs and professionals in the field as a challenge. This is the first edition of the revised logo.
Note the bird has been changed to the Common Loon, but this is the rare "ranting" variety. This addition seems to be a good marriage between the animal kingdom and our human realities. The real design challenge is the change from "Residents", a word with 9 letters to "Residences", a word with 10 letters! It's a reminder of how such a small change can be SO significant in meaning, and then present such thorny design implications. We land in the world of unintended consequences. It is a long word and visually overpowers the following two words. One idea was to 'arc' the word "Residences" but that looks awkward. The person who put tireless efforts into this version is still working on that possibility, among others. Thank goodness for the endless opportunities made available through Photoshop software.

So, a callout to our Lake Worth graphic design professionals! Help us squeeze the extra letter in the logo to make an aesthetically pleasing whole. Right now, we're not satisfied with the first, initial try. We await other versions that can overcome these design challenges.