Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[HINT OF THINGS TO COME IN LAKE WORTH?] 'Food Not Bombs' monkeywrenching in Ft. Lauderdale (and the Lake Worth connection)

[Below is a blog post from November 13, 2014.]

Today in the Broward New Times is an article by Ryan Pfeffer about Jillian Pim and her ongoing hunger strike against the city of Fort Lauderdale's new city ordinances. Here is an excerpt:
Jillian and her husband, Nathan Pim, are activists with South Florida Food Not Bombs, a group that claims it has been feeding the homeless in Stranahan Park in Downtown Fort Lauderdale for seven years. The two have been actively protesting Fort Lauderdale's new homeless feeding restrictions since Fort Lauderdale commissioners voted to approve the new ordinance on October 22, 2014.
As part of the article is a video where Mrs. Pim is interviewed about her hunger strike and the effects she is experiencing. You can read the article and watch the video here.

When you watch the video note what you see at the 28 to 31 second mark. This screen grab is at the 28 second mark.
This just happens to be a poster for an EarthFirst! conference. As many of you know our City of Lake Worth is the home base for EarthFirst! You can draw what conclusions you wish. It is interesting that the EarthFirst! leaders Cara Jennings and Peter (Panagioti) Tsolkas spoke at the last Lake Worth city commission meeting in opposition to the city's "aggressive panhandling" ordinance.

Watch Cara Jennings (0:40–2:40) and Peter Tsolkas (6:00–8:00) in the video below defend aggressive panhandling in Lake Worth.