Monday, November 17, 2014

Comments on the "Take Charge" editorial from the 11/13 Lake Worth Herald

In last week's issue of the Lake Worth Herald (11/13), there is an editorial titled, "Take Charge", that deserves a read. To comment exhaustively in one post on this blog would be very long and some very important points may be overlooked. "The Other Blogger" (TOB) was swift and true to form in her response. The editorial in the Herald apparently hit a nerve and TOB, responded that our city commission and mayor were being "fascists", called the commission "pathetic", and employing "a heinous and shocking abuse of power."

For a moment let's take a step back. The editorial in the Herald is specifically addressing the tactics used by Commissioner McVoy, Cara Jennings (former commissioner/anarchist), and some other "neighbors" to scuttle, or at least re-design at a very late stage, a proposed new road for 7th Ave South near the new La Joya Villages CRA project. I'll discuss the political tactics and specifics being used by what the Herald calls the "vocal minority" later in the week.

TOB, in order to deflect the editorial's effectiveness and factual points uses Peter Timm as an example of the city commission not "LISTENING to what the people have to say". On 9/6/14 the city commission had a special meeting to let city residents tell of their experiences at the polls for the bond referendum. Mayor Pam Triolo explicitly explained to the public the results of the vote was not on the agenda, only voters' experiences and observations at the polls on that day (August 26th). Here is Peter Timm at that meeting in one of his last appearances before "retiring" from commission meetings.

As you can see, TOB considers this an example of proper public discourse, decorum, and freedom of speech at its finest. And TOB likes to point out the sheriff deputy who walked toward the podium was trying to stop free speech, as you can see the deputy did not interfere with Mr. Timm speaking. His biggest problem was being next to TOB. The deputy, as many others in the chambers, did sense that things were about to get out of control and his presence calmed the situation.

To deal with our "vocal minority" and the "circus crowd" the Lake Worth Herald offers this advice:
     "Lantana, Greenacres, Palm Springs and the other communities surrounding Lake Worth don't have the same problems Lake Worth does. One of the main reasons is because they have their meetings, debate the issues, compromise and vote. They don't go backwards to re-visit their decisions because a few people don't like what they decided. They have learned to ignore the detractors.
     Lake Worth needs to take a page from their books and keep moving forward."
To read the entire editorial visit Visit my blog later this week for more on this weeks Herald editorial.