Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4-year-old child dies after being struck by vehicle in Lake Worth - wptv.com

A terrible story, click title for link, about a young girl who was hit by a vehicle and lost her life. A tragedy and everyone's hearts go out to the family involved. No one wants to see a story like this but Channel 5 (WPTV) was there and reported on what little there was to see at the time. It's a reminder to be careful out there.

The title for the story cited the accident occurred in "Lake Worth". The text for the story cited the accident happened in "Lake Worth". The on air reporter said the accident occurred in "Lake Worth". 

The accident DID NOT occur in Lake Worth. The accident happened in SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH. Note the map below. Of the TV news the only one I watch is WPTV and for the most part their reporting is accurate and responsible. Now and then I do a primer for the news media, both TV and print, on the difference between the City of Lake Worth and unincorporated "Lake Worth". It is very important to be accurate. 
We need to find a better way to differentiate the city from areas of the unincorporated Palm Beach County. Is a name change a possible fix?