Saturday, October 18, 2014

The dangers of tree-sitting protests; for future protests in the Briger Forest TAKE HEED!

In the wake of the seminar this morning at the Quaker Meeting House on North A street, please remember that tree-sitting comes with perils. It's not all lights and glamour, not like the red carpet.

I found this article of all places in the EF! Journal. On the heels of the story in the Palm Beach Post yesterday concerning plans to develop the Briger Tract (or as EF! calls it, the Briger "Forest") our EF! friends need to be very careful as they stage their protests. Tree sitting, tree spiking, equipment sabotage, and confronting PBSO/private security firms can put someone's health and safety at risk. So be careful out there! We don't need anyone falling out of a tree and landing on "Fire Ant" Ellman's head as he's covering the story for his two dozen readers. From the story:

On Monday, a French activist fell down from a 8 metre high platform at a forest occupation near the clearcut border of the open cast mine Hambach. A helicopter brought the conscious accident victim to the nearby hospital.

[Later in article...]

“Our yearlong experience, tutorials, training sessions and international security standards, show: We are professionals. The security of the activists is our first priority.“, explains Nina Wagner, climbing trainer and forest occupant. The activists now want to clear the case completely and search for failures in the security procedures. It’s the first serious accident since the start of the protest, which is held daily in the forest, elevated from at least 8 metres. “Our activists know, why they do their protest in the top of the trees. We are determined to resist the climate killer brown coal, even at high personal risk.” continues Wagner.