Tuesday, October 7, 2014

See which four roads Lake Worth has found the money to pave

Click title for link to an article by Chris Persaud regarding items on tonight's City Commission agenda. We might be saying good-bye to another lawsuit! Here is what the headline refers to:
Three of the roads are in southwest Lake Worth, where some streets never have been paved.
Even though a $63.5 million road-fixing bond issue was narrowly defeated Aug. 26, the city still has grant money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to do some repair work. That money sat unspent for years, City Manager Mike Bornstein has said.
Tenth Avenue South would get a paved road for the first time between A and E streets. Up till now, it’s been a dirt road. Roadwork would finish by the end of March.
Ninth Avenue South would go from dirt road to greenway: a walking path with plants and grass between B and F streets. Roadwork would finish by the end of April.
Seventh Avenue South would get repaved between A and F streets. The commission hasn’t yet said when roadwork would finish.
Fifth Avenue North would get turned into a greenway between A and C streets. Roadwork would finish by the end of June.

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M Artie said...

Persaud should send you a thank you note. If it weren't for you nobody would know he wrote an article about tonight's meeting. He didn't make the print edition.