Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our absent-minded Commissioner's appointment bobble

On Monday, October 6, the other blogger  posted a true work of revisionism titled, "Political Board Appointments-Lake Worth". First off, you can gauge much about her state of mind by the number of anonymous comments she posts. The more unsettled she is, the more anonymous comments she creates. Could it be a form of self-therapy or hypnosis? As of yesterday on this topic alone she is up to 24 anonymous comments and she answers herself 3 times. Truly amazing.

But I digress. The topic of Anderson's post was what used to be John Rinaldi's chairman's seat at the Planning & Zoning board taken from him by Commissioner McVoy. It is rare for this to occur especially if someone expresses a desire to continue serving and submits an application to do so in time for the appointment. All of which were the case here. I am not aware of all of the dynamics between the Commissioner and Mr. Rinaldi, but he really did a disservice to the community in not appointing him.

The facts of the matter are indisputable:

- Fact: McVoy represents District 2
- Fact: McVoy had ONE, and only ONE appointment to make for the P&Z
- Fact: McVoy was aware of Mr. Rinaldi's interest in continuing as Chair of the P&Z
- Fact: McVoy and/or his supporter(s) approached Elise LaTorre and encouraged her to apply to the P&Z
- Fact: McVoy then had TWO applicants for ONE AND ONLY ONE seat on the P&Z board
- Fact: McVoy chose to eliminate Mr. Rinaldi's position on the board when he chose LaTorre

On September 29, two days before the last P&Z meeting (10/1) the new members were listed on the city website. Elise LaTorre was listed as a member and John Rinaldi was not.

I believe, and many others also believe, that Commissioner McVoy didn't plan on the outrage that followed. He mistakenly calculated that his political move would go mostly unnoticed outside the walls of city hall. To make matters even worse for McVoy his ally and blogger friend is attempting to shift the blame from McVoy, going so far as to claim Mr. Rinaldi, Ms. LaTorre and others unnamed on the City Commission have conspired, in a some odd manner, to undermine Commissioner McVoy. Ergo why the other blogger is the undisputed Queen of Revisionism.

And, in all of this, it is going unnoticed that there is a vacancy on the Historic Resource Preservation Board for an at-large position - a position that Ms. LaTorre could apply for and be appointed to as well. Doing that would have preserved Mr. Rinaldi's position on P&Z.

What follows here are three snipped images from the other blogger's blog. The first is of a comment by its operator and the other two are from John Rinaldi commenting on the blogger's assertions. I would encourage you to re-read the facts of the matter above once again and then read from the three images below.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the vice-mayor was very pleased to have Cara Jennings and Panagioti Tsolkas there speaking. Harkens back to commission meetings lasting past midnight-good times. Things are about to get very ugly very fast on things Cara had a hand in. The Casino is just one. Apparently she's concluded enough time has passed to stick her head up again. Glad you were there to tape it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure after the appointment discussions.. John Rinaldi went back to the City Mgr and cried about how no one likes him, like he did a couple months ago.

Anonymous said...

McVoy should get out of dodge while the getting is good.

Anonymous said...

the only person who posts comments to himself is you, Blackman.

Bigbare said...

Since the heights vote the long knives have been out for Rinaldi.