Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lake Worth Herald editorial this week (10/16/2014) titled, "Don't Look Back"

Excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald editorial this week (10/16/2014) titled, "Don't Look Back" concerning the necessary roadway projects on the south side of the city:
     Staff had recommended paving 7th Ave South to enable some traffic relief from the impending traffic congestion anticipated with the opening of LaJoya, a 50 plus unit apartment complex at the corner of 6th Ave South and F St.
     Commissioner McVoy has been seated throughout the planning stages for these projects and never voiced any objection. Now he comes in with allies, some of which McVoy filled out "blue cards" for, to voice objection to the plans, without regards for money already spent while he sat idly by.
     This has been his method of operation throughout his terms as a commissioner and it is time to stop his diversionary tactics. Lake Worth is still suffering from a time in the not so distant past when a commission, loaded with McVoy sympathizers squandered money and thwarted growth in Lake Worth.
     Many of the McVoy allies were familiar faces from not so long ago.
     Unless someone from this vocal minority has a blockbuster idea that just blows the socks off anything staff and the engineers have presented, this commission needs to proceed as planned. Just listening to "I don't like this", or "I'll have to look at this out of my bedroom window," or a "Make it one way with lots of room for bicycles" should not sway the plans or delay the projects any further. Not everybody in Lake Worth rides a bike. We still need roadways for automobile traffic.
     The commission should move ahead with the projects.
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