Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flip-flop season is nearly over...


The LongCon-Redux said...

You're surprised that Anarchist Cara Jennings and [so-called] Tea Party Republican Lynn Anderson can be so friendly? Remember, Lynn Anderson who claims to be a Tea Party Republican campaigned for the Anarchist Cara Jennings not once, but twice.
Some background...
Up until mid-2009 Lynn Anderson was a staff p/t organizer for the state Democrat Party, the county Democrat Party and volunteered the Lake Worth Democrat central/south county apparatus. She was and remains a liberal Democrat; her Tea Party allegiance is a clever trick.
Here's what happened:
In Fall 2009 the DNC and Wasserman Schultz devised a brilliant strategy to discredit and/or challenge the Tea Party in key districts nationally. A part of that strategy was enlisting loyal Democrats to evolve or slowly “meld” into Republicans (ie, disaffected Democrat), change party affiliation and then infiltrate/affiliate the Conservative Tea Party.
Lynn Anderson is literally one of many hundreds who were recruited. She fit the profile perfectly: unmarried, loyal, discrete, and most importantly, a plausible story. Some recruits were tv reporters, some print reporters, radio, social gadflys and some were bloggers like Lynn Anderson.
Lynn's task was to make the PBC Tea Party look like the Three R's: radical, racist, reckless.
Few if any considered the long-term consequences. Lynn Anderson cannot support President Obama tomorrow even though she worked herself to the bone getting Obama elected. She has gone all-in and can never “un-Tea Party” herself. Lynn Anderson is a liberal Democrat trapped in the body of a faux-Tea Party conservative trolling Newsmax, RedState and Fox News for nonsense content.
She even has her new best friends fooled too.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely go into fiction writing. You should be sued but you can't help being a total jerk.

Prof Thad Hormone said...

"You're an idiot, Beria,'ll go far in the party!" -
(quote by)
Joseph Stalin