Monday, October 27, 2014

Editorial: Jupiter’s Harbourside is an asset, not an eyesore

The Palm Beach Post gives praises to Harbourside, the new development at the corner of Indiantown Road and U.S. 1, referring to it as Jupiter's "downtown." They point out the discrepancy between its height and mass and those buildings around it, especially along Indiantown Road. The message seems to be sent to detractors of the project: Simmer down, you'll get used it. I'll have to head up there and check it out once more places open, which seems to be after the first week in December. Click title for link.
But now construction is complete, businesses are starting to open, and people are parading in to check out Jupiter’s newly minted “downtown.” The end product leaves a lot for the town’s residents to be happy about.
To be sure, Harbourside Place is big and dense. Built hard against Indiantown Road, it greets passing drivers with a four-story parking garage and commercial buildings lurking behind it. Passing it on Indiantown Road, many find its presence jarring.
But visitors who pull into the complex are greeted by a pleasant streetscape: tidy, urban, spacious and walkable. The buildings, which will house about 20 stores and several eateries, are designed with varying heights and a mix of eye-pleasing façades and colors to minimize its impact.