Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Discussion of 7th Avenue South Improvements from last night's meeting (10/7/14)

What was actually on the consent agenda as an accounting matter, (i.e. truing budget amounts with bid amounts etc.) led to a discussion of the extent of improvements along 7th Avenue South. This brought out residents in the area, and some familiar faces from outside the area, to the podium to raise questions about the need for two lanes versus one and more opportunities for trees. The item was eventually tabled for Commission action until after more information can be gathered and a meeting can be held with residents in the area. The safety of 6th Avenue South for pedestrians was central to the discussion. There are other projects in the area that are converting rights-of-way that have been unimproved into greenways. You will not want to miss the speakers at the 21:55  and 24:00 marks.

The second video below consists of the Commission's reaction to public comments, further discussion of the process and traffic conditions in the area.