Sunday, October 12, 2014

Creative minds gave birth to Memorial Park, a tribute to town...

Interesting compilation of history surrounding the Memorial Fountain and Park north of Palm Beach's Town Hall by David Rogers of the Palm Beach Daily News. The need for it sprang from the location of the fire station doors on the north side of the then new Town Hall. They were thought to be eyesores by some of the Town's leaders at the time. The fountain and plaza area is slated for a renovation and is working through the review process now. Click title for link.

At the end of the article is this report from the time of the fountain's original dedication.
Name of Henry M. Flagler first on Memorial Fountain plate: Formal Ceremony Marks Acceptance by Town Officials
Harold S. Vanderbilt, on Behalf of Committee, Presents Commemorative Work Which Will Honor Deeds of Palm Beach Notables.
The name of Henry M. Flagler, pioneer developer of Palm Beach, will head the list of persons the Memorial Fountain will commemorate, it was learned at the ceremony Sunday afternoon when the fountain commission turned over the completed project to the town.
In formally transferring the fountain to James M. Owens Jr., acting mayor, Harold S. Vanderbilt, chairman of the commission suggested that no names of the living be placed on the fountain, rather that the “memorial be a lasting tribute to the work of those whose entire lives may be viewed in retrospect.” The memorial plate, on which only the name of Mr. Flagler was placed by the fountain commission, did not arrive in time for the services.
Representing the commission with Mr. Vanderbilt were Frank A. Shaughnessy, treasurer, and Oscar G. Davies, who also acted in his capacity as town councilman. Councilmen Louis D’Esterre, H.C. Woodruff and William Fremd were present as was Town Manager L. Trevette Lockwood. The officials stood on the fountain steps, while the three official flags, presented to the town last year, formed a background. A large group of spectators witnessed the ceremony. Tribute was paid by Mr. Vanderbilt in his brief speech to the work of Mr. Davies as the originator of the idea for the fountain, and who presented it to Maj. Barclay H. Warburton, at that time mayor, also to the cooperation given by Mr. Davies’ paper in raising the funds. … The beautiful circular fountain, which surmounts the project, against a background of tropical foliage, was in play and the long reflection pool was filled.
Excerpts from a story published in The Palm Beach Post on Monday, Jan. 27, 1930, the day after the ceremony.