Saturday, September 20, 2014

Video-on-demand finally comes to Broward County Commission meetings | Broward Bulldog

The Broward County Commission crawls out the the cozy cave they have been meeting in and will now have on-demand, archived video of their meetings. There was much discussion about this before and, for some, it was a surprise that so many other communities were doing this as a matter of course. Many were practicing this method for years. Not so for Broward County government, but they've now caught up with the Joneses. Click title for link.
Broward County took a step toward greater government transparency last month with the start-up of a new system of on-demand video for commission meetings and public hearings.
The changes mean the public can now accessonline archived videos of county meetings and hearings for anytime viewing. Comprehensive agenda information and minutes are also available. The new video archive began with the commission’s August 12th meeting. reporter William Hladky reported last October that Broward was the only county in southeast Florida, and the only major government within the county, that did not archive its recorded commission meetings for later on-demand viewing by the public.
“The public is far better served as a result of this,” said Commissioner Lois Wexler, who led the county’s push to implement on-demand video. “That story empowered me with information about the situation. I never realized how many cities and counties had it and we didn’t.”