Monday, September 1, 2014

Supreme Court win embolden Fane Lozman set to float his home

Fane Lozman is back in the news with an idea for submerged land he recently purchased in Riviera Beach. He sees it as a potential site for a group of "floating homes", which do not meet the definition of vessel. This was determined by his successful run to the Supreme Court challenging the city's taking of his former floating home at the city marina. The city treated it as a vessel, but according to the Court, they actually seized and destroyed his home. He has been a guest on High Noon in Lake Worth twice. You can check out those episodes here and here. From the article:
Ducking under mangroves to reach the Intracoastal Waterway, Fane Lozman spreads his arms wide as he contemplates living on a narrow strip of land on Singer Island that most believed would never be developed.
“How can you beat his view?” he asks with a grin, gesturing toward the open blue water.
His grin is more than a little bit impish.
More than a year after he clobbered Riviera Beach by persuading the U.S. Supreme Court that the city illegally seized and destroyed his so-called houseboat, the 53-year-old self-made millionaire is back rattling city cages, trying to put that landmark decision into action.