Sunday, September 14, 2014

Eric Holder asked to investigate Palm Beach County sheriff office |

Click title for link to article citing multiple complaints about PBSO treatment of the Guatemalan community of Lake Worth. From the article:
Scarola’s letter also asserts that PBSO does not have one deputy of Guatemalan ancestry stationed in Lake Worth. That district includes 80 sworn officers, according to the PBSO website. Guatemalans make up 13 percent of the population in the city of 36,000.
“There is not a single uniformed officer drawn from the Guatemalan community to mitigate the ‘us — versus — them’ mentality and to bridge the war zone boundaries,” Scarola writes.
The Rev. Frank O’Loughlin, director of the Guatemala center, echoed Scarola’s criticism in an interview.
“Police are supposed to reflect the communities they are in,” he said. “But the sheriff’s deputies in Lake Worth are like aliens in the Guatemalan community and are uncomprehending of the people they are dealing with. That lack of comprehension is dangerous.”