Sunday, September 14, 2014

An earlier email from Mr. Waples that went everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

Notice that the entire hierarchy of NBC and CBS News, along with the White House, was copied. I'm surprised that the Secretariat of the United Nations was left out.


Warty McSmelly said...

Poor Robert. The ethical leaps he has to take in aligning himself with Lynn Anderson The Bully. Lynn Anderson directs her readers to this site:

Lynn Anderson routinely disparages Haitians, African-Americans, the “guats”, posts names on bullets, burns the mayor in effigy, threatens public officials, and other Alinsky-inspired terror-like tactics.

Apparently Mr. Waples has no problem with this. On the ROLO website Lynn Anderson is one of the featured “friends” of ROLO. Good for you, Robert. You must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Robert Waples is surrounded by people who protect him from himself. But every once in a while......