Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Spring training Astros Nationals West Palm Beach |

The baseball stadium is still in the air and it is just a matter of who catches it. Note that they mention other municipalities are still talking to the teams and the county. However, the focus still seems to be on the West Palm Beach site at 45th Street and Haverhill. Click title for link.
The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals still want to share a new spring training stadium in West Palm Beach, but other cities in Florida and Arizona are trying to court the two teams.
“I know that different municipalities have been reaching out to both teams, but it’s still the preference of the Nationals and Astros to make this happen in West Palm Beach,’’ Giles Kibbe, general counsel for the Astros, told The Palm Beach Post on Monday.
Without naming specific cities, Kibbe said several are talking about either a single-team or a two-team facility. “I get calls from both Florida and Arizona, but our preference is very clear about getting a deal done in West Palm Beach,’’ Kibbe said.