Thursday, August 7, 2014

Palm Beach Gardens term-limit group sues over ballots |

Another one of the 38 Palm Beach County municipalities has a ballot issue, but this one is having trouble making it on the ballot. Click title for link.
Palm Beach Gardens Needs Term Limits has been collecting signatures for several months for two referendum questions: to amend the city charter to limit council members to two three-year terms; and to have that restriction apply to current council members.
The city council, following what it believed were the supervisor of elections’ requirements, approved a resolution July 10, authorizing her [Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher] to place the questions on Nov. 4 ballots, provided the group got the required signatures.
But Bucher wrote the city clerk July 16 that the resolution would have to be revised because it did not provide the language to appear on the ballot. “We have worked very hard to establish a professional working relationship with your office and that of our legal counsel; however, we are unable to accept documents that fail to meet legal requirements,” Bucher wrote. “I would appreciate a greater effort of review of your Code of Ordinances, Florida Election laws and our mutual contract, so we may avoid this happening in the future.”