Friday, August 8, 2014

My "pothole" luncheon with Larry the Lenz...

Me, left, with Larry the Lenz, at our "pothole" luncheon. Larry is hidden by the chopsticks here.
You know, Larry the Lenz has a really busy schedule and it is a rare event that you can get him to sit down for a few minutes. He needs to take it easy every now and again. This happened to be one of those days when the stars aligned and we were able to get a quick "bite-on-the-go." We thought of meeting at one of our Lake Worth establishments, but Larry the Lenz is very budget-minded and he wanted something quick and cheap. I remember we had some noodles in the fridge, some veggies, limes and hot sauce. You know that I am a sucker for anything concerning noodles, a bowl and chopsticks.

Larry got the greatest I idea to get in touch with the old Lake Worth, the part that will be going away once the bond passes on August 26th. What better picnic for a family-style meal than one of our famous potholes.
Here's me and Larry, condiments at the ready!
Larry's not much for Facebook so I filled him in on all that's been going on there about the bond issue.
Larry's originally from Hong Kong, says so on the bottom of his shoes.
He's also got special needs on top of all his skills in other areas, like street photography. Here I am helping him with the tasty pothole fixin's. The chopsticks are a little much for Larry to handle, but he appreciates Asian cultures. In fact, these chopsticks were a gift to me from Larry that he found in Hong Kong. He went back to visit the factory where he was a made a few years ago. Someday, I'll show you the pics from that trip. Spellbinding!

Well, like I said, it was lunch on the "fly." Larry had another appointment to rush off to and so did I, so we quickly picked up our things and left the street as we found it. Hopefully, opportunities for this kind of event will be fewer and harder to find after August 26th. 
As far as chit-chat, it wasn't "My Dinner with Andre", but we'll get together again soon. And watch for more of his work right here!