Monday, August 4, 2014

Lynn Anderson on State Senator Jeff Clemens and LW2020

In the right-hand column of this blog you'll find a quote from State Senator Jeff Clemens (former Mayor of the City of Lake Worth) on the Lake Worth 2020 Plan. Senator Clemens is a supporter of the plan and encourages its passage to help some of the nagging infrastructure problems we have in Lake Worth. Senator Clemens explained how getting money from the state works, he says:
"Asking the legislature for all the money to do a project almost never works. The City has to have skin in the game too." 
The Senator was referring to the 2020 Bond Vote on August 26. The Senator went on to say, if the 2020 Vote passes:
"I will then be able to go to the legislature and say 'the citizens of the City have made the commitment to do it,' now it's up to us to try to find a way to help."
Most people would have a positive take on what the Senator said, right? The Senator being a former Mayor, now a State Senator, is in a unique position to help the City. Someone with a keyboard doesn't agree.

Not surprisingly, in one of the more disjointed and unhinged 'analyses' you'll probably ever read about the City's 2020 Bond, the "other blogger" attempts to convince you, the voter, to vote No on the City Plan using the following points:

- State Senator Clemens
- LW 2020 Plan
- Progressive
- Liberal Democrat
- Religion
- Abortion
- Education funding
- Grant money
- Potholes
- Politics

And she did it all with JUST 87 WORDS!!!!!!! Amazing.

In her own words: