Friday, August 8, 2014

From a Libertarian reader of my blog...

Your friend, Ms. Anderson of a "Little Bit of Trivia", needs a history lesson. In her deluded construct of laissez-faire, "no more taxes" nonsense all wrapped in a pseudo-Libertarian bow she completely misunderstands the “proper role of government” to a true Libertarian and/or Tea Party supporter.
The father of modern Libertarian thought is Adam Smith, the man who coined the phrase, “the invisible hand” referring to the role of government. Ever since groups have misinterpreted or intentionally twisted what Adam Smith meant. If you delve into Adam Smith's “The Wealth of Nations” he goes on to list many, many roles for government. His famous quote about the role of government lists three, the first two are “protecting the society from the violence and invasion” and protecting “every member of the society from the injustice or oppression”.
Now it gets very interesting. Adam Smith's third role of government is:
..."that of erecting and maintaining those public institutions and those public works, which though they may be in the highest degree advantageous to a great society, are, however, of such a nature, that the profit could never repay the expense to any individual, or small number of individuals; and which it, therefore, cannot be expected that any individual, or small number of individuals, should erect or maintain. The performance of this duty requires, too, very different degrees of expense in the different periods of society.”
In conclusion, as a proud Libertarian and Tea Party supporter in Lake Worth I can with good conscience and sound logic vote for both Libertarian candidate for Governor Adrian Wyllie AND the Lake Worth 2020 Bond to improve the roads and infrastructure.
A Proud Libertarian in the City of Lake Worth (and I still like you Wes, and your blog despite your political flaws!)