Monday, August 4, 2014

Condo developers, church, close sale of West Palm Beach... |

Despite a continuing court fight, the deal has gone through between the church and the future developer of the Chapel-on-the-Lake site. The total price the church received for the property is $21 million. Click title for link. Here is a summary of where things stand in the courtroom;
The developers and the city have moved forward with the process despite three separate legal actions on the project. Proponents have called it an attractive addition to the waterfront, while some residents decried it as an eyesore.
Citizens for Thoughtful Growth, a neighborhood group, filed two separate court actions asking the courts to declare that the city broke its own rules in January when it approved the project.
A judge later ruled GAK can partially intervene but cannot file any motions or counterclaims or take part in the gathering of facts. And on June 10, GAK filed its own suit against Citizens, arguing the group’s legal moves constituted “tortuous interference and abuse of process.”