Sunday, August 3, 2014

Click here for Fire Ant's latest, playing with straws...

Here we go again, another lead balloon from “Fire Ant” at the Broward New Times, click title for link. Most of us are familiar with Fire Ant and his efforts to fairly (hey, stop chortling!) report the issues here in Lake Worth and environs. After his last feeble attempt to scuttle the Lake Worth 2020 Bond Vote by raising 'sea level rise' failed to gain any traction, he's still treading for a way to convince people to vote against improving our City of Lake Worth. Remember the exact sort of work (water/sewer/fire hydrant and road replacement) that will be part of the LW2020 plan is taking place right in front of their wunderkind Commissioner McVoy's non-homesteaded property, independent of potential rising seas.

In his latest piece, he curiously writes, “No one can travel the length and breadth of the city without seeing the need for repairs to streets and sidewalks -- particularly in poorer neighborhoods. Underground, the water and sewer system has decayed.” So even “Fire Ant” can't ignore the obvious and is apparently capable of brief, lucid moments.

Those of you familiar with “Fire Ant's” style of making multiple points, drawing imaginary lines and then he tells us what he thinks is really happening. Save your time and go directly to where he cites Law Professors Stanley Langbein and Joseph W. Little. The two professors confirm for “Fire Ant” that ballot language in Florida is limited in length and specificity because: “1) Ballot measures, by law, are limited as to length, leaving little room for detail. 2) Municipalities, reasonably, want flexibility in projects as they unfold.

Powerful stuff “Fire Ant,” intellectually you want the voters of Lake Worth to vote 'Against' because the language of the City's ballot is limited “by law” and the ballot also provides the City some “flexibility.”

Maybe “Fire Ant” is not using his real name for a reason? If it comes as any surprise, he gets most of his information from former Commissioner Golden.

“Fire Ant” is not done by a long shot. One of his favorite tactics is coming out with a hit-piece days before an election or vote not giving the target time to respond or refute. Most notoriously he's known for his hit-piece on present West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio when he wrote on March 8, 2013, four days before election day:
“Tuesday's election -- a non-partisan affair between two Democrats -- will reveal whether the citizens of West Palm Beach see through her [WPB City Commissioner Shanon Materio's] muck.”
As you, the voter, educate yourself on the Lake Worth 2020 Bond ballot question on August 26 I suggest you ignore the “muck” from the “Fire Ant” and ignore his next creative writing assignment before election day.